BPM 2019: Božidar Vitas – Oproštaj od Stare dame

March 29 at 6PM u 18h
Železnički Muzej U Beogradu
Nemanjina 6, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Božidar Vitas was born on November 26th, 1939 in Belgrade, Dorćol area, where he still resides. He has been engaged in the “art of painting with light” since 1957. He has had 132 solo exhibitions (84 “art of light paintngs” – photo exhibitions, 15 slide shows and 33 light shows) throughout Serbia. He has also had two solo exhibitions in Thessaloniki, one in the city of Tajimio (Japan), seven in Frankfurt (Germany), two in Doboj, one in Trebinje and Višegrad (Republic of Srpska), one in Travnik (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and one in Perth (Australia). He has participated in 290 multi-artist exhibitions and art events, domestically and internationally, as well as 62 art gatherings
and workshops. Altogether, 3800 different photographs and 1300 different dias oeuvres have been presented. More than 300 art pieces are now part of national and foreign museums, galleries and private collections.