BPM 2019: Erostalgija vs Pornivora

March 29 at 8PM
X Vitamin
Studentski trg 11, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

EROSTALGIA vs. PORNIVORA/ The erotic and porographic discourse in XXth (and XXIst) century
Author & curator Dušica Popović
Exhibited photographs from the collection of Miloš Jurišić
Part of Belgrade photo month

The exhibition titled EROSTALGIA vs. PORNIVORA problematizes the erotic and pornographic cultural content in mass, that is, nonartistic global culture primarily of the twentieth century with a short overview of the previous period and anticipation of the possible future cultural trends. The core of the exhibition presented in the catalogue essays discusses the topic through the prism of three (conditionally speaking) epochs: the period till the middle of the XIX century when the erotic and pornographic cultural contents were not so strictly demarcated; the period from the middle of the XIX century up to the seventies of the XX century when a tension and always ambivalent polarization between the terms and contents they refer to were present; and the period that came after the seventies of the last century and continues until the present when pornography has taken cultural primacy both in the literal and metaphoric sense. The material that illustrates the mentioned thesis will be the exhibited photographs of erotic or/and pornographic provenience from the collection of the collector and photographer of the Museum of Science and Technology Miloš Jurišić.

About author

Dušica Popović born 1981. in SFRJ. Graduated art history at Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. Writes art criticism and essays. Translates humanistic papers from english to serbocroatian language for The Third Programme of Radio Belgrade. Continuosly works on her own art movement titled otogrifism. Lives and works in Belgrade. Contact: otogriff@gmail.com