BPM 2019: Ivan Hadži Zdravković SOSA – Dinaric Beauty

April 5, 7PM
Muzej Jovana Cvijića
Jelena Ćetković 5, Belgrade, Serbia

Dinaric Beauty
Curated by Ivana Zdravković and Ljudmila Đukić

An interest in photography and motion pictures motivated Ivan Hadži
Zdravković Sosa to move from Niš to Belgrade in 1971 to study camera at a newly founded department at The Faculty of Dramatic Arts. He continuously followed contemporary technologies and generously transmitted his love and knowledge to younger generations by teaching photography. He taught in both specialised schools and at university level throughout his life. The exhibition is inspired by the research of Jovan Cvijić on the relationship between humankind and nature, and his description of the Dinaric type as closely connected to the land and nature. Dinaric Beauty and the ecological sensibility of Jovan Cvijić are conveyed through
the beauty of a female form and motifs from nature. The exhibited art works were produced during the later periods of Sosa’s life and epitomise both his endless love and talent for photography. The strong color scheme and balanced composition are distinctive to photographs of both female nudes and nature. By superimposing images, for which he was famous for, the artist placed female nudes in a natural setting. Through photos that illustrate Cvijić’s words, the exhibition is striving to inspire a return to nature, reflecting on his work, and to highlight his timeless idea about human ecological sensibility. Authors of the exhibition of Ivan Sosa’s photographs
are his daughter Ivana Zdravković and curator Ljudmila Đukić. Exhibition designer is Jelena Macanović.