BPM 2019: Olivia Heussler – Zürich, Sommer 1980

April 4, 12PM
Residence of the Swiss Ambassador. Belgrade.

Zürich, Sommer 1980 is all about barriers, barricades, police, demonstrators, rubber bullets, water cannons and tear gas.

Almost 40 years ago, the city was on a war footing. Clashes in public places between the establishment and the alternative scene were played out at levels of violence that would be unimaginable today. Unlike 1968, the anarchic youth revolts in Zurich in 1980 were an avant-garde spectacle and made international headlines. The demand of the young people was that they wanted an Autonomous Youth Centre, but in fact what they wanted was everything, now. Using this insistence on everything, deliberately slanted towards the absurd, with Dadaist wit and subversive camouflage, the movement unsettled representatives of all the established political forces, including many 68ers who were just starting to take over the
institutions. The street battles mark a shift towards open cultural politics in Zurich and to comprehensive development and marketing of urban youth culture. To a certain extent, the movement was event culture avant la lettre. Without it there would have been no street parade, and no party culture making an international impact.

Heussler is an internationally known, independent photographer and artist. She made investigations on her own stake into regions of crisis, was active for human rights, grassroots activism, feminism and against repression and discrimination on several continents. Her works are shown in international exhibitions and various photo books. She teaches regularly and documented her work, its use and publication on www.oliviaheussler.com.

Swiss Ambassador Residence
Andre Nikolica 30, Senjak. Beograd

Group Visit Organized upon request/Grupne posete po upitu info@belgradephotomonth.org by Angelina Bartula

Before exhibition opening Olivia Heussler will have 2 talks.
2/3/2019 17h – 18,30h Fakultet za medije i komunikacije in English
3/3/2019 11h – 13h in Artget Galerija with Daniel Belinchon in Spanish with translation to Serbian

With the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Belgrade