BPM 2019: Raul Rodrigo Rafael Diaz – The kids are alright

1. April 18:30
Bartcelona Gallery
Čumićeva, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

An artist originally from Chile, today living and working in Paris,
photographer, experimentator and one of the biggest stars of the
polaroid world, is coming to Belgrade Photo Month 2019, with his instant photography exhibition. Bringing with him a glamorous and nostalgic beauty of Polaroids, but also a unique creativity as Raul is not afraid of cutting the polaroid photographs, opening them, peeling them off and reassembling in a new piece of art. His work, detached from all the digital processes and trends of modern times, is often timeless in its aspects.

Raul Diaz, best known as RRRDIAZ, was born in Santiago de Chile in 1968 and miseducated in the United States through his adolescent years where he studied at the New York School of Visual Arts and eventually graduated from the Corcoran School of Arts in Washington with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in photography. In 1990 he moved to Paris, France and began his career as a fashion photographer where he became the assistant to big names in fashion photography like Mario Testino and JB Mondino. In 2009,
after a short but busy career in fashion photography, he decided to open En Face, a boutique-gallery devoted to instant photography. His store was the first store to sell Impossible Project film locally in Paris and he has hosted numerous exhibitions featuring artists from around the world at his gallery.

This exhibition is supported by Polaroid Impossible and it will include 2 workshops that will be done is the Bartcelona Gallery.
On 30/03 11-15h – Polaroid double exposure
On 31/03 11-15h – Polaroid light painting