BPM 2019: SRĐAN Doroški Pabllography

April 8, 6PM
Collegium Hungaricum Belgrád / Collegium Hungaricum Beograd
Gracanicka 14., 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Many photographers worked and are still working in theaters – too often their photos can not be differentiated from one show to the other, they are all the same: a dark background and the confusion of some phenomena in the middle of it. The photos of Srđan Doroški are somewhat different, they admire the emotional suffering of the characters, the minutely detailed conflicts of the characters, the delicate situations that lead the action and change its course, the intriguing and impressive immortalisation of characters, the buzzing in their souls, the verbal diagrams and neckbreaking stunts. With all of this, the panther-eyed Doroški always finds a detail in the play that is the most striking cross-section of a given theater work, which in a convincing way reflects what the artists have created. His
photos are rememberable and can convincingly sell what they advertise, in the case of the Novi Sad Theater/Újvidéki Színhaz – a play.

About the theater: The Novi Sad Theater/Újvidéki Színhaz, was founded in 1974 with the idea to help preserve the cultural identity of Hungarians in Vojvodina. Over time, this theater managed to become, not only the gathering place of the Hungarian elite, but it also overcame the Hungarian framework and today it is deemed one of the most relevant theaters in Serbia and the region.