BPM 2019: Timeless: alternative manual prints photography exhibition

April 7, 4PM
Zoom Art Cafe & Photo Studio
Dobracina 76, Beograd Belgrade, Serbia

Within Belgrade Photo Month, this exhibition presents three series of photos in the alternative printing technique performed by two Russian photographers. «The Wailing Wall» by Svetlana Borozentseva is dedicated to Jerusalem – beyond the age and time. Her expressive, though delicate and inspiring works many are created with gum bichromate manual printing. «Time machines» and «Meatless Wednesday» by Asya Gordeeva are masterful exploring of aesthetics of withering and decay, a symbiosis of live and dead nature, comparing with its beauty and grandeur to ruined fortresses or ancient cities gone into the sand. Asya uses author’s water&oil printing and etching machine to convey the magic of rusty iron and its absorption by the environment.