BPM 2020/1: Anachronicles 1995–2020 – Siniša Vlajković

May 20, 7 pm
Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade
Bulevar vojvode Mišića

Anachronicles 1995-2020 is a 25-year survey of the work of Serbian photo-grapher Siniša Vlajković, taking the viewer on an idiosyncratic journey of discovery and self-discovery, moving forward through space and backwards through time.
The imagery that Siniša Vlajković has been documenting for years serves as a reminder that we are the inheritors of a deadly disease: nostalgia. His work portrays a fragmenting of various cityscapes, which always contain an object from the past or the idea of the old and decaying dystopia – images of worlds that we will forget in the future. It is no mystery why the Anachronicles are searching throughout the values of our culture, sometimes even oppressing us with a constant reminder of a difficult history or high societal expectation.
From the essay The Reminiscence of an Image by independent curator Lara Pan


Exhibition by Бартcелона POP UP in collaboration with the Radisson Collection Old Mill Hotel and part of the Belgrade Photo Month Festival.

Visiting hours:
Mon/Sun: 10 – 20h