BPM 2020/1: Bucket List – Stephanie Pistel

May 8, 7 pm
Bioskop Balkan
Braće Jugovića 16, Belgrade

Sergei was VERY, VERY high up on my bucket list. For a long time…
He just seemed to be one of the most fascinating and talented people out there.
It took me over a year to ‘get’ him for an interview and high fashion special for the renowned Schön! Magazine.
We were supposed to shoot in Paris, which changed to London, then back to Paris and it finally got confirmed to take place in LA!
His agenda changed by the day…
In a stunning desert location, at 10 a.m. on January 9th, there he suddenly was.
He was friendly, shy and humble – but unbelievably captivating at the same time.
It was impossible to take a bad picture of Sergei. He had so many faces, so many emotions to share.
Highly intense in one second, introvert and beautifully absent in the next.
We had an amazing day with far too many fabulous images to choose from.
This is when our photographic journey started. Since then we’ve shot together in many places around the globe.
To be continued, my friend.


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