BPM 2020/1: Fashion and Passion

May 14, 7 pm
Galerija N.EON
Crnogorska 10

Curated by Dragan Pavlović

Fashion and Passion is the name of the photo exhibition which presents works from the students of the Department of Digital Art, Faculty of Media and Communications from Belgrade. As students participating in a fashion photography course and due to the specific epidemic circumstances, they were forced to make limited use of study facilities, therefore forcing them to adapt, improvise and find new ways to be creative. The presented works, in addition to genre-oriented fashion photography, thematically complement self-portraits and portraits in free form. The face and body in metaphorical and symbolic movements are a reflection of the peculiarities of the moment and time in which one lives, and, at the same time, they are a reflection of fashion attitudes and relationships.

The authors of the photographs are:
Ana Stanojević, Andrea Ašanin, Angelina Kačunković, Balša Leković, Bojana Božičić, Isidora Dimitrijević, Jasna Mijušković, Julija Radosavljević, Luka Rajković, Marija Đorđević, Mina Davidovac, Olga Tomić, Sofija Ivanović, Teodora Arsić and Viktorija Đorđević.

Visiting hours:
Mon / Sun: 17 – 21h