BPM 2020/1: Scratch Beneath the Surface – Grebo Gray

May 9, 2 pm
Grafički kolektiv
Dragoslava Jovanovića 11

Curated by Ana Šćepanović

Greek island.
A warm June day. The four of us are alone on the beach.
I have the sea in my hair, the sun on my book, the wind between my toes, the quarry under my soles.
This day is a moment in eternity.
No photo. It is important that we are here and now.
Life is Beautiful!
We’re going back to the city tomorrow.

Passers-by everywhere. Each in its own scratched reality.
Below is the street. There is water under the street. Roots sprout from the asphalt.
The abyss scares me.
Above is a black-red sky.
Gray people live in number 36.
I am a child of the city.

Grebo Gray is a British visual artist now living and working in Belgrade, Serbia. Grebo graduated from Portsmouth Polytechnic in 1990 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting and followed that by going back to university in Brighton to obtain a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Art & Design) and teaching art in a school for a few years.
Relocating to Belgrade enabled Grebo to focus on his own artwork once more and in recent years photographic images have become an important part of his work, though he is reluctant to call himself a photographer. He uses the camera as a tool to create a visual sketchbook, capturing small details from the everyday objects that surround us but are largely ignored. These images have caught the eye of a number of musicians who have used some of the imagery on various music releases.

The exhibition will run until 19tn May, 2021

Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation nobody can enter the Gallery without wearing a mask as required by the Rep of Serbia regulations.

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Mon/Sat: 12 – 16h