BPM 2020/1: Under the Light of the Sea – Espe Pons

May 9, 12 pm
Konak kneginje Ljubice
Sime Markovića 8, Belgrade

To look at the work of Espe Pons you have to look actively. There is no easy seduction by objects or faces, clothes or lighting. The locations appear empty. Architectural details are lost to time. The land does not have familiar landmarks. You are told the work is in memory of her grandfather’s younger brother who fought for the Republicans during the Civil War and died as a result. As a viewer, you have to fill in information and participate in the process. You are asked to remember.

Cynthia Young
Curator of the Robert Capa Archive at the
International Center of Photography, New York

Who knows if by intensifying the silence which lives in the image, one can manage to capture the screams of pain in the memory of those places. Who knows if the emotion of finding herself in these places, having carried out the research, can make the location speak, and if we can also perceive in the silent image the experience of scientific research on historical memory and at the same time aesthetic research.

Vicenç Altaió
Poet, essayist , art critic and ideas trafficker

Texts excerpts from the catalogue for the Sota la llum del mar (Under the Light of the Sea) exhibition at the Museu Palau Solterra, of the Vila Casas Foundation which took place between 18th July and 22nd November 2020).

This exhibition has been organised through the essential support of the Spanish Embassy in Serbia and the Institut Ramon Llull that supports artist mobility, by which Catalan artist Lorena Ros is able to participate in Belgrade Photo Month Festival.


The exhibition will run until 24th May, 2021

Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation nobody can enter the Gallery without wearing a mask as required by the Rep of Serbia regulations.

Visiting hours:
Tue/Thu: 10 – 17h
Fri: 10 – 18h
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