BPM 2020/1: Vanishing Point – Philippe Poncet by Olivier Gadet

May 11, 6 pm
Institut français de Serbie/ Francuski institut u Srbiji
Knez Mihailova 31

Curator David Pujadó

This exhibition presents a series of photographs by French photographer Philippe Poncet (1963-2015). Philippe Poncet trained as a professional photographer and also studied philosophy under Jean-Maurice Monnoyer, a professor at the Collège de France. Winner of the Agfa European Portrait Award in 1998, his photographic work has been published by Éditions Cent Pages, Le Monde, Qantara (magazine of the Institut du Monde Arabe). His work is represented in the public collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

From the seaside to the allotments, a vague dog barks, caravans pass by. It is a question of roads and breakdowns, of running and waiting, of wooden stakes and chairs. Here we see a wasteland, then huts. In the distance one sees the borders. The horizon is fifteen kilometres away, it seems. One does not remove their eyes from it. Something escapes.

The meaning of these photographs remains discrete, as if in suspension. Snippets of stories emerge; a tone and a movement emerge: variations, preludes and fugues.

Alone he watched the sky go out, dark deepen to its full. He kept his eyes on the engulfed horizon, for he knew from experience what last throes it was capable of. And in the dark he could hear better too, he could hear the sounds the long day had kept from him, human murmurs for example, and the rain on the water.
Samuel Beckett, Mercier and Camier

The exhibition will run until 3rd June, 2021

Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation nobody can enter the Gallery without wearing a mask as required by the Rep of Serbia regulations.