BPM 2022: Anahronike/Anachronicles 1995–2020. Siniša Vlajković. Photo book presentation

16 May 16,30h
UK Parobrod

Kapetan Mišina 6a, Belgrade, 11000, Serbia

Siniša Vlajković
Anachronicles 1995–2020
Having lived in Beirut and Dubai and travelled extensively across the Middle East, Siniša Vlajković began to photographically record his impressions and experiences of this complex, multi-ethnic, multi-confessional, historically layered, turbulent but always inspiring part of the world, and to imprint his memories of growing up in the Balkans.
The title of the monograph Anachronicles”, a neologism created from the terms “anachronism” and “chronicle”, summarises the character of Siniša Vlajković’s photographic opus created during the last 25 years, and presented here in a thematically rounded series titled “Americana” (1995), “Time Regained” (2003–2008), “Genius Loci” (2006–2012), “Substations” (2007-2013), “Balkan Jazz” (2013–2020) and “Largo” (2009–2020).
The monograph contains 75 reproductions, texts by New York-based independent curator, Lara Pan, and art historian and curator, Jovana Stokić, as well as an interview with Siniša Vlajković by the Hungarian art historian Zoltán Somhegyi.

This talk will be conducted in English