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Kapetan Mišina 6a, Belgrade, 11000, Serbia

The “GRAIN” association was founded in Belgrade in 2015 with a special emphasis on the promotion, development and production of documentary hotography, based on society and social engagement. Grain Association has organised several exhibitions by photographers and published a number of photo books.

Igor Čoko – Subverzivna estetika ulice, 2017
The aesthetics of the street from the perspective of a visual anthropologist that evokes the turbulent struggle of the metropolis and the province to the last drop of sweat.
Colour, 104 pages, 22×20 cm, hardcover, digital reissue.
Igor Čoko – Karaburma moj geto, 2019
Belgrade Bronx, Little Colombia, visual aesthetics of the street, the end of the restless spirit in a new, supplemented reissue over an increased number of pages.
Monochrome, 128 pages, 25×20 cm, hardcover.
Igor Čoko – Living Behind Bars, 2020
The story of the life of a convict behind bars in Belgrade’s central prison, published in English. Original books published
in 2016.
Monochrome, 128 pages, 25×20 cm, hardcover.
Igor Čoko – Štekovi, 2021
The story of migrants traveling through Belgrade during the years 2015-21, and their stay in all imaginable and unimaginable forms of rat holes, shelters and barns, while on their way to the EU.
Monochrome, 128 pages, 25×20 cm, hardcover.
Imre Szabo – Godine zapleta, 2021
A important photo-book on the topic of our downfall from Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia and again to Kosovo. Lessons from which we learned nothing. A doyen masterpiece of newspaper and documentary photography.
Monochrome, 128 pages, 25×20 cm, hardcover.
Neven Grujić – JHaria Burning, 2022
Direct transmission from one of the largest and most polluted mines in India and on the planet. When you see these scenes, you will want to go to Bor on vacation. No kidding!
Monochrome, 104 pages, 25×20 cm, hardcover.
Miloš Stošić – Ljudi govore, 2022
I will not curse you out loud, I will make you read this book of thoughts drawn on the walls in which the whole vortex of madness of the brains of the local state of consciousness is hidden. This will be an important historical book in the future.
Colour, 128 pages, 20×20 cm, hardcover.
Miloš Cvetković – Bilo jednom na Azurnoj obali, 2022
Once upon a time, there was a seemingly free world and we as a nation were a part of it. Uncensored, directly from the crowd, the legendary Cvele recorded the freedom, decadence and hedonism of the Cote d’Azur in the early 1980s through the Cannes Film Festival and the Grand Prix of Monte Carlo, Formula 1 races. This historical photo-book provides a break before the upcoming book about Bosnia, after which you will really not be well.
Monochrome, 128 pages, 25×20 cm, hardcover.
Nemanja Ledenski – Sirovi rezovi, 2021
If a book describes the brutality of the street, it is Nemanja’s masterpiece. Escaping from the shackles of the capital, these images faithfully evoke the charm and raw immediacy of provincial life, striking between the horns and below the belt. This book will make your eyes bleed.
Monochrome, 64 sides, 20×20 cm, hardcover.
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