BPM 2022: Photographic tribute to “Summer nights, walking” by Robert Adams

13th May 19h
Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade

Bulevar Vojvode Mišića, 15, Belgrade, 11000, Serbia

The exhibition will finish on 19 May 2022

Photographic tribute to “Summer nights, walking” by Robert Adams
This is the second time that Бартcелона POP UP has organised a tribute exhibition to one photo book. The first tribute occurred last year when we organised an international group exhibition that referenced the unique photo book “Twentysix Gasoline Stations” by Ed Ruscha. The results were very satisfying and we decided to take the opportunity of arranging a similar exhibition as part of the 1st edition of BPM book, 2022. The selected book for this exhibition will be: “Summer Nights, Walking” by Robert Adams.
“Summer Nights, Walking” is an essential photo book that has been hailed as a classic. The first edition, simply titled “Summer Nights”, was published by Aperture in 1985, and included 38 images of nocturnal scenes taken in the region of Longmont and the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.
A re-edited version of the book was co-published with Aperture in 2009 and titled “Summer Nights, Walking”. For this revision Robert Adams added an extra 39 previuosly unpublished photos. May 2022 will see a new enlarged version of the book published by Steidl, an international publisher of photobooks based in Germany.
For our tribute, we did not ask for photos that were taken in Colorado, or for square format photos, but we wanted to keep the the theme of black and white photography and the essential spirit of the book, but with a wider geographic spread.
This exhibition includes work by:
Constance Langrand (France)
Dany Vigil (El Salvador) @danyvigil.lab
Dario D’Alessio (Italy) @dario_dales
David Alexis Jainz Aguiñaga (Mexico)
Max Klebl (Austria) @maxklebl
Olivera Radmanović (Serbia) @olja_radmanovic
Ray Knox (Great Britain) @rayknox_photography
Telmo Pinto (Portugal) @telmojgp
Véronique Van Meerbeek (France/Belgium) @ateliervvm