(de)construction – exhibition of students of Digital Arts, Faculty of Media and Communication

Tonight 4th April 2018 at 19h, opening of “(de)construction” exhibition of students of Digital Arts, Faculty of Media and Communication, in gallery “Kvaka 22”, Ruzveltova 39

The exhibition (DE) CONSTRUCTION represents the selected photographic and video works of students from all years from the Faculty of Media and Communication, Department of Digital Arts. Within the problem framework (DE)CONSTRUCTION, they investigate the irregularities of the environment, its binary, inconsistencies, deviations, differences, illogicality, compose and disassemble architecture, relations, language, time, space and the medium of photography. From the existing elements, they construct and deconstruct the system as an endless number of variables, none of which is either right or wrong.

The exhibition is organized by students of FMK Digital Art: Jana Ljubičić, Viktorija Jovanović, Jana Bjelica, Milica Lazarov and Ana Đapić.

The participants of the exhibition are: Aleksandra Nestorov, Aleksandra Pešić, Ana Đapić, Irena Canić, Ivana Miljković, Jana Ljubičić, Jovan Marković, Hana Piščević, Katarina Marković, Kristina Tica, Luka Bezuha, Marko Božić, Marko Granić, Milena Milutinović, Milica Josimović, Milica Milica Lukić, Miodrag Mrkšić, Nikola Hajduković, Nikolina Škundrić, Sofija Ivanović, Stefan Isaković, Tamara Tasić, Viktorija Jovanović.

Visual identity: Jana Bjelica