Belgrade Photo Month in Fotosinteza

From April 1st till 30th

As a part of the Belgrade Photo Month, Fotosinteza will offer the following program:

1. Photo Nostalgia

─ Collecting photos found in family collections or elsewhere, on various media (slides, negatives, prints, glass plates and other media) from private archives.
─ We will be collecting the material every Friday from 4 pm to 6 pm during the festival at Fotosinteza.
─ Digitization of the part of the collected material without any further processing.
─ The projection of digitized photographs and discussion about the importance of preserving photo collections, both in terms of conservation and digitization as well as in collecting information about the media, will be held on Saturday, April 30 at 5 pm at Fotosinteza within the photo nostalgia soirée.

2. Matchbox pinhole

This is a workshop on how to make handmade cameras from matchboxes ─ small appliances with great performances. We will show many ways to use it. The participants can bring used cameras for dismantling and rewinding of the film at any time to Fotosinteza. Every participant will receive a film (about 48 exposures) and other material needed for making the camera. Developing and scanning can be done individually, or it can be done as an additional service by Fotosinteza ─ costs would be RSD 500 per film.
Entry fee is RSD 1000 per participant.

You may pay the enty fee by Friday, April 22 2016. The workshop will be held on Saturday, April 23 2016 at 3pm.
The number of participants at the workshop is limited.
Tutor: Andrej Filev, photographer.
Phone number (for reservation): 069 30 50 758

*Fotosinteza is a social club for people of all ages who enjoy and respect art and like to socialize.
Address: 1 Maršala Birjuzova Street, 5th floor.