Insomnia – Photography Exhibition by Ruben van der Sleen

Tonight, 23rd april 2018 at 19h, opening of “Insomnia” photography exhibition by Ruben van der Sleen, Kulturni centar GRAD, Braće Krsmanović 4

During his exchange studies in Finland (3rd year of the Art & Crossmedia Design course at the AKI) Ruben frequently found himself awake while the rest of mankind would be deeply asleep. He would take his camera out into the dark streets of Helsinki and started photographing the abandoned unseen world scarcely lit by streetlights. Darkness disturbed by the partial illumination of sodium-, mercury- and LED-lights creates a world that is rarely observed by most of us.

We have to go back all the way to 1933 when Brassaï published his pièce de résistance ‘Paris de Nuit’ to understand that photography and darkness are not the best of friends, but when combined in an intelligent and creative way, can result in utmost beauty. Brassaï looked at and photographed a city so well known by the whole world, in a way only few people had observed it: at night. It would become his most famous and sought after work and he earned his nickname “The Eye of Paris”, given to him by Henry Miller.

Ruben’s “Insomnia” is an ongoing project about darkness, light, sleeplessness and beauty that has so far been photographed in Helsinki, Lyon and Belgrade.

Ruben van der Sleen