Larger than life – Olga Titova’s photography exhibition

Today, 13th April 2018 at 19h, we are inviting all street photography lovers to Olga Titova’s exhibition “Larger than life”, opening at Zoom Art Cafe, Dobračina 76

“Street photography is a complicated, interesting and unpredictable art. Every time I go out with completely no idea of what surprises the streets had prepared for me I and what am to see today.

Sometimes you can face scenes like from a theater of the absurd and people really amaze me. Or the usual city landscape suddenly turns in a fantastic combination of forms, lights and color.

In a split second the puzzle of circumstances put together, and you are only to press the button, and the next minute it falls apart and never happens again. These photos are imprints of that unique moments, and maybe they seem a little more alive and vivid than real life can be. But it is a point where two realities intersect – a sudden street scene and the inner state of the photographer, and this mix is providing the most amusing and unpredictable result.”

Olga Titova

At the exibition opening Olga will present her new photo book “Pride” – the winner of three latest photobooks’ contests:

– Fuam Dummy Book Awards (Istanbul), 2017
– ViennaPhotoBookAward, 2017
– PhotoBookFest (Moscow), 2017.