New Talents 2018 – Finalists

Our Jury finished with the first round of the New Talents contest and we selected 10 finalists.
We would like to thank all our participants – though we received fewer applications than the last year, the quality of the proposals was really high.

88 proposals, 55% of which were by women, and 45% by men. 25% participants from Serbia, 10% from Italy, and around 5% from USA, Brasil, Poland and Spain. In total, 30 different countries.

In our next communication, we will announce the names of 3 winners, but not the order in which they were selected. Their work will be part of the exhibition that will open the Festival on 29.3.2018, at 19h, in UK Parobrod.

The list of 10 finalists, in alphabetic order is:

  • Adam Żądło
  • Dominik Wojciechowski
  • Emily Garthwaite
  • George Selley
  • Jošt Franko
  • Julia Gat
  • Miljan Vuletic
  • Nanna Heitmann
  • Natalia Poniatowska
  • Pedro Moreno

Congratulations to all the participants and thank you for believing in our Festival.