Rémi Goulet – “The Eternal Detour”

Opening: Monday, April 11th, 8:00 PM
Đura Bar, Venizelosova 62

April 11th – 30th

The Eternal Detour is a title that I created when I joined two previous exhibitions for a new single exhibition. I decided to keep The Eternal Detour for this exhibition as it fits perfectly with the work, plus it also joins together Nietzsche with a French author.
The pictures I present here are from my professional ramblings. In summary, my work does not follow a planned course, I make the journey in my head, I sing, I look around and I snap photographs. I try to show the beauty in the things I see around me.
The work is inspired by a quote from Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa:

“Sometimes, in perfectly and exact lit days,
In which things have all the reality they can have,
I ask myself slowly
Why do I even attribute
Beauty to things.”

Alberto Caeiro


Stijepo Brbora – Lecture “Power of Erotiscm”

Wednesday, April 13th, 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
UK Parobrod

As photographer, with key interest in erotic photography,he is suggesting that Erotics is more or less story about emotions.
In the past eight years he held five solo exhibitions in Belgrade and Dubrovnik.
His photo work is present in photo magazines and .web page www.brbora.net
During the last two years of creative work, he achieved the International prizes “Sony Award”, “Robert Farber Award”, “Xaviera Hollander Award”.
In 2014 year he published the book of Erotic „Death Fuck Gang Love“
Currently, he is living and working in Dubrovnik and Belgrade.

Entrance is free but capacity is limited!


SharpShooters project BPM | NEW TALENTS 2016

Sunday, April 10th, 19 PM

Kralja Petra 71

SHARPSHOOTERS project & Belgrade Photo Month present 10 best projects of “New Talents 2016” Open call under the patronage of Organization of authors of photographs – OFA.

  • Allison Morris
  • Anna Tiessen
  • Daria Svertilova
  • Emile Ducke
  • Jakob Schnetz
  • Jakub Ochnio
  • Kristina Syrchikova
  • Mika Sperling
  • Teodora Ivkov
  • Tomas Mutsaers

Free enterance!


WHAT’S THIS BOOK? A show of photobooks and multiples

Opening: April 15th, 7:00PM
Kulturforum, Mihizova 11, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

April 15 – 29

A show of photobooks and multiples
curated by Natasha Christia

Toni Amengual (self-published, Spain)
Israel ARIÑO (Ediciones Anómalas, Spain)
Alessandro CALABRESE (Skinnerboox, Italy)
Federico CLAVARINO (Dalpine, Spain)
Simone DONATI (TerraProject, Italy)
Thobias FÄLDT – Klara KÄLLSTRÖM (B-B-B-Books, Sweden)
Satoshi FUJIWARA (AMANA, Japan)
Ryuichi ISHIKAWA (AKAAKA, Japan)
Luce LEBART (Poursuite, France)
Eriko KOGA (AKAAKA, Japan)
Salva LÓPEZ (Terranova, Spain)
Henrik MALMTRÖM (Kominek Books, Germany)
Daniel MAYRIT (Riot Books, Spain)
Marco Paltrinieri (Discipula, Italy/UK)
Vicente PAREDES (This Book is True, Spain)
Eufália C. PAZ (Stephanian, Italy)
Mariela SANCARI (La Fábrica, Spain)
Thomas SAUVIN (Jiazazhi, China)
Ikuro SUZUKI (AKAAKA, Japan)
Miguel Ángel TORNERO (Editorial RM, Spain)
Lorenzo TRICOLI (Self-published, Italy)
Dragana YURISIC (Oonagh Young Gallery, Ireland)

The practice of publishing has gained significant prominence in the photography world over the last decade. The medium of the book has suggested novel ways of visual storytelling. Highly democratic at heart, photobooks have conferred visibility to emerging photographers, collectives and projects that would otherwise gain little access to the photography world. As physical portable objects, they have provided the alternative to ephemeral exhibitions, claiming themselves as auteur’s pieces.

WHAT’S THIS BOOK? is a selection of some of the most relevant photobooks published between 2014 and 2016. Eclectic at heart, the exhibition displays a series of twenty-four photobooks. It is accompanied with a showcase of prints and audiovisual material. Though the show should not be considered a definitive and axiomatic catalogue but rather a personal and subjective selection of favourites, its intention is to highlight a wide array of approaches, philosophies and practices in the area of international photobook production, placing at the focus of its research small independent publishers next to photographers who self-publish and distribute their printed works.

The show forms part of the first edition of Belgrade Photo Month and it will be accompanied by a guided tour and an encounter addressed to photobooks and their enthusiasts. It is launched as the first of a series of book exhibitions dedicated to photography that will be dedicated to different topics, with the aim to engage the public with the practice of publishing, while familiarizing it with the present state of the photobook that is quite indicative of tendencies in contemporary photography. At the same time, with its parallel activities, WHAT’S THIS BOOK creates an educational forum for local artists, editors, and publishers, wherein they will be able to exchange ideas and improve their strategies and projects.

Natasha Christia is an independent writer, curator and educator based in Barcelona. She was recently the guest editor at the Read or Die publishing fair in Barcelona during November 2015. She has also been appointed as art director of the upcoming edition of DocField Documentary Photography Festival, entitled Europe: Lost in Translation, which will be taking place during May and July 2016.

Join us in the Guided tour + Photobook Lovers’ Encounter
Saturday, April 16, 2016, 16:30-19:30


ZAVOD – Film program

During Belgrade Photo Month ZAVOD is proud to present April Cinema Program, every Wednesday from 06.04 to 27.04. 2016.god.

Wednesday 6.4.
“Blowup” – Michelangelo Antonioni, 1966, USA 1h51min

Wednesday 13.4.
“Čovek sa Četiri Noge” – Radivoje ‘Lola’ Đukic, 1983, Jugoslavija, 96 min

Wednesday 20.4.
“City of God” – Fernando Meirelles, Kátia Lund, 2002, USA, 2h10min

Wednesday 27.4.
“Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus” – Steven Shainberg, 2006, 122min


Mr. Zuper and 1.000 pieds sous terre by Sylvain Granjon

Opening: Monday, April 4th 2016 19:00PM
Бартcелона koncept, Chumich Design District

From April 4th till 16th

Mr. Zuper is a “Frenchie” superhero, strong, handsome and intelligent—at least, he thinks so! But in his daily life he faces some serious existential questions: he’s only 4 inches tall and he doesn’t have any superpowers, or friends! To overcome his dull existence, Mr. Zuper embraces creativity to lead a life filled with extraordinary adventures.

Through Mr. Zuper, Sylvain Granjon evokes our common desire to become someone else, to leave behind the beaten path for a better life

1000 pieds sous terre:
« Real life is under the ground”

48 people take the Subway every second in Paris. In other words 4,1 million passengers pass in transit in the Parisian subway every day.

This exhibition will be part of Belgrade Photo Month

Sponsored by
Cervesa Espiga
Institut français de Serbie


Civitate – Ritual intervention

Branimir Karanović with Kamerades

Opening: Thursday, March 31st, 7:15 PM
O3ONE Art Space, Uzun Mirkova 10

From March 31st till April 6th

In ritual organization of Serbia’s public life presidential and parliamentary elections hold a very important position. Before they are supposed to be held the whole country stops. Only thing that remains active is the marketing machinery which tries to affect the voters with flashy images and seducing slogans.

Elections in Serbia come down to precisely recording the current trends of voter’s vassalage, and who of the available lords will they decide to adhere to. Cult of personality and patrimonialism are constants of Serbia’s political life and were not in any way endangered by the transition from a single-party to a multi-party system. The only thing that has changed is the number of those who appoint themselves as leaders and pose for political posters and billboards. Branimir Karanovic has been following the multiplication and spreading of their portraits across the public space from the very beginning of parliamentarism in Serbia one election at a time. In his photographs he is at the same time portraying them as something that is polluting the environment and as an object of permanent display of civil disobedience.

Citizens are always provoked to intervene on those portraits in some way, and their interventions often border culture jamming as an art form that is worth recording. Results of those interventions are simultaneously representing an index of direct communication between citizens and politicians, iconic display of the way that the face of a political leader is treated in the imagination of Serbia’s citizens, and the symbol of a fight against the fact that democracy has come down to ads, posters and billboards. Karanovic and the Kamerades collective have independently recorded these interventions and are bringing them together for the first time in this exhibition, by doing so they have stood by all those who were not eaten by viruses of servitude and auto-censorship.