Ocurrencia – photography exhibition by Valérie de Marotte Boned

Tonight 2nd April 2018, photography exhibition Ocurrencia by Valérie de Marotte Boned, at 19:30, Бартcелона gallery, Belgrade Design District

Valérie de Morotte Boned was born in Paris in 1967.
From 2008 to 2015 founder and co-director Galeria TAGOMAGO, Barcelona / Paris

From then she participated in different Group and Solo exhibitions, mainly in Paris and Barcelona, and now for first time in Belgrade.

“Each time we strive towards totality, we realize that we lack it. Nothing is ever total. If this is the case, then photographs are proof of the abiding incompleteness of the world; they are the result –the excreta-of a performance by the body heading for unattainable nirvana. Photography is nothing but ourselves and our world”.

Kaji Taki (1928-2011), Japanese photographer and critic, Co-founder of PROVOKE

Sponsored by Smokvica