Belgrade Photo Month
Metropolitan University of Belgrade
Artists Anonymous Belgrade


Emerging or established artists from all countries are eligible to apply for this competition. The organisers may refuse applicants in the case that they do not meet the conditions and requirements of the competition guidelines or in the case that submitted photos portray imagery that is not in accordance with the applicable legal regulations of The Republic of Serbia.
All works must be sent only via email.
Photographs must be sent in digital format with the applicant’s full name and surname within the file title (pseudonyms are not allowed). Upon applying for the competition the applicant gives permission to allow the organisers and sponsors of the Belgrade Photo Month to publish, reproduce, and/or display their work through various media throughout the festival free of charge, this includes photos published in low resolution on the internet.
The organisers of the exhibition will not take any responsibility for the abuse of copyright.
The applicant authorises that their work may be edited electronically or in some other way for the display requirements of the exhibition.


The theme is socially engaged photography with mixed media. This can be in the form of a poster as a combination of photography and graphic design. The applicant’s decision about the type of social engagement for their subject matter is without limitation.


No registration fee.


The competition is open until 30/01/2018
Applicants will receive notice of the selection of participants via email on 28/02/2018
The opening of the exhibition is yet to be announced.
The results will be published on these websites:


Please send your submission electronically to:
Applicants may submit their photographs in colour or black and white.
The contestant can send a maximum of 3 photographs.
The size of each photo file can be 70 x 100 cm, at least 150dpi, and the written description should be uploaded in PDF format with maximum compression quality.
Additional information on participating in the competition can be obtained via email at


Madlena Dašić – Professor of New Media Design and the founder of the association Artists Anonymous Belgrade.
David Pujadó – Director of the Belgrade Photo Month.
Nikola Majdak – Professor.
Snežana Krstić – Coordinator of the Belgrade Photo Month and photographer at Ringier.


The selected works will be presented at a humanitarian exhibition that will be held during the Belgrade Photo Month in Belgrade, April 2018.


In the case of copyright infringement the organiser will take the necessary legal measures.
All contestants accept that the organisers and general sponsors can use the submitted photos for marketing and promotional purposes including announcements in the media (press, TV, internet…).
All nominated and winning photographs and works will be part of the Belgrade Photo Month collection.
The organisers agree to use the collection of photographs submitted for the competition in accordance with the established rules and principles of the competition, and exclusively for the promotion of the festival and the participating photographers themselves.
The winning works will be printed in smaller formats and will be available for sale for the purpose of collecting funds for humanitarian institutions in Serbia.