Portraits from the Novi Sad Photographic Studios – Ivana Jovanović Gudurić

Today, 20th April 2018 at 13h, opening of photography exhibition “Portraits from the Novi Sad Photographic Studios”, curated by Ivana Jovanović Gudurić, Mala galerija Doma Vojske Srbije, Braće Jugovića 19

The exhibition is sampled of portrait photographies created in the early Novi Sad photographic studios, during the 19th century, which have been preserved in the depository of the City Museum of Novi Sad. The masters of photography from this period took numerous portraits of generations of men and women that resided in Novi Sad who used this opportunity to firmly uphold their own newly established position as members of civil class. These original photographies, displayed at the exhibition, offer an insight not only into technical and aesthetic development of portrait photography in the 19th century, but also into material and social culture of the time. The selected photographies are followed by the descriptions about the exciting lives and business ventures of the photographers, as well as the ads from the press which served as the means of promotion.