Prayer – Milo Sladakovic

Gallery Bozidarac – 1947

3rd – 17th of April 2017.


Public space as sacred space and interstice so elusive that sometimes its understanding and description depends only in the eye of the observer and the means we use to describe it.

This photo series was two years in the making, during the months of Ramadan, in the hot and humid Deira, oldest part of modern city of Dubai (UAE).

In its own stubborn way, Deira refuses to change, both visually and emotionally. While Dubai is constantly changing and unstoppably growing, Deira is forever squeezed between a Creek on one side, and other parts of the city and a massive airport from the other side. Creek, a main Dubai port for years is now a shadow of what it once was and used only as a local transport and tourist hub. It seems that Deira and its population are not attuned nor interested in what’s going on in the rest of this hectic city.

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