Simple world – photography exhibition by Marcin Ryczek

Tonight 30th April 2018 at 20h, Opening of photography exhibition “Simple world” by Marcin Ryczek, galerija Pro3or, Koče Popovića 9

The photographic series “Simple World” consists of minimalistic and conceptual photographs that operate with symbols and feel instantly familiar. A minimum of form for a minimum of substance – that is their most salient characteristic and guiding idea. Originating in the real world, the images make formal reference to geometric figures, to simple lines and patterns. The black-and-white prints heighten the minimalistic qualities of the pictures. They are also a bow to the classical tradition of art photography.

Marcin Ryczek divides his oeuvre into two phases – process of discerning and process of expectancy. Discerning is an intense observation of reality and search for the unusual in apparently ordinary places. Expectancy is a quest for the moment in which something that constitutes visually tangible reflection of the artist’s personal considerations and meditations happens.

The photographs are of a metaphorical, ambiguous and universal character, hence activate imagination and encourage individual interpretations.