BPM 2022: Fuego Books, the birth of a new publisher. Presentation by Gustavo Alemán

Date: May 19, 2022

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Location: UK Parobrod

Lectures and Talks

Fuego BooksGustavo Alemán, editor at Fuego Books, will talk about his experience of becoming an editor after being a published photographer. From small personal stories, to international homages to David Lynch, he will explain the philosophy and the books of Fuego Books.

Publishing photobooks is a complex affair. Choosing the right project to publish, assembling a team, and dealing with all the aspects of bookmaking. This is a complex web of decisions that spans from the design and sequencing of the photobook, its pre-press and printing, to the distribution and showcasing of the final work. In this talk, Spanish editor Gustavo Alemán will recount his experiences and offer practical advice in all the phases of the process to those photo enthusiasts and future editors that are interested in following a similar route.

This presentation has been organised through the essential support of Embassy of Spain in Belgrade and the Instituto Cervantes in Belgrade.