Belgrade Photo Month is a permanent team of 5 people, but also great group of contributors, passionate about art and photography.


As we like to say, this festival belongs to us and to you; it is a festival for people from Belgrade and Serbia, but also a festival for photography enthusiasts from every corner of the world who want to enjoy it, in person or online.

Many things have changed since we started the festival in 2016, from the team members to the very vision of the festival, from its visibility in the media to the different kinds of support we have received from both volunteers and institutions.

From one year to the next, we feel an increasing obligation to continue improving the quality of the festival, as well as our outreach, and this is not an easy task. We are aware that with last year’s festival we raised the bar high in terms of the quality of work exhibited, and despite the extremely challenging situation in Serbia concerning financial support for cultural manifestations and culture in general, we will persevere in our endeavours to make the festival even more special. Through our imagination and creativity, we will transform these challenges into concrete objectives to continue promoting photography in Serbia and Serbian photographers to international audiences.

Thank you all on behalf of the entire Belgrade Photo Month team. I would also like to thank all participants and visitors; all partners who offered exhibition or presentation spaces; all our volunteers, sponsors and organisations who have helped us to make this dream possible.


Who can participate on this event: art galleries, art and cultural institutions, which tend to organize photography exhibitions or movie screenings, groups interested in organizing workshops or any other photography related activities.

Participation requirements: Just the commitment to work during May 2022 in the same direction as Belgrade Photo Month. Nothing more.

What we offers to the participants: The promotion of the event in Serbia but also in international photography webs and magazines. We will make a catalogue with all the details regarding the participants, including a map with all the related events and places around the city and other relevant information as well.


We’re not sending a starship to the moon, we just want to put Serbia on a photography map of the world!