BPM 2019: Tareck Raffoul: Ashes to Nature

8. April, 8PM
Kulturni centar GRAD
Braće Krsmanović 4, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

On Monday 8 April at 8 pm we will be opening a special exhibition of Tareck Raffoul, a 28 year old Lebanese photographer and award-winning director. Rooting back to the middle-east after living in Portugal, Hungary and Belgium, with a Master’s degree in documentary filmmaking under Erasmus Mundus he was selected by STARCH foundation to take part in the 2018 Designers’ Family.
Raffoul works between UAE and Lebanon, his style in photography varies between edgy, bold and dreamy. His inspiration stems from his love for the supernatural and fantasy and these elements are present in all his personal creations.

The audience will be able to see Raffoul’s project titled Ashes to Nature consisting of 19 staged, supernatural photographs until 14 april. Ashes to Nature exhibition is realized as part of Belgrade Photo Month festival of 2019.

“They were all left there, bodies to decay. Instead, nature invaded them and they were all transformed into beautiful soulless corpses. They are now filled with life again, nurtured and preserved. It’s an unpredictable cycle, from Ashes to Nature”
This collection of photographs represents the rebirth where death is just another life.
His captures will transport you into a world of hope to visualize and imagine the life in life, the afterlife and the life from within.

Wassim Koros, Tracy Ghanem, Hanna Tawk, Nadine Assaf, Georges Hazim, Vincent Matta, Sana Mamelly

Stylist: Har Nakkashian
Art Director: Remie Maksoud
SFX makeup artist: Samantha Ayoub