BPM 2022: Photo book self-publishers, talk

16. maj u 17,15 časova
UK Parobrod

Kapetan Mišina 6a, Belgrade, 11000, Serbia

Photo book self-publishers
During BPM book 2022 we will be presenting several talks based around the theme of photo books. In addition to these presentations on books, by both authors and publishers from across Europe, there will be a fantastic three-day workshop and a photo book market.
We enter this world of photo books hand in hand with photographers, editors, publishers and organisers of photo book contests, in order to have a global vision.
Surely all of us who create photographic projects with our cameras would also like to be able to see our work on the shelves of a book store, art store, photography store or some photographic market in the form of a book. Perhaps it is a more economical way for people to take our work into their homes rather than buying original prints. Perhaps we can start dreaming that this may be possible, or even win a book award!
This talk will bring together several photographers who have self-published books. They will share their experiences with us, from the choice of the project, the narrative, selection of materials, texts, design, format of the book, financing, and the production of the book. They will also offer advice about what to do once we have the final book in our hands, how to distribute it, how to give it a life and make it visible within Serbia.
The participants are:
Dušan Đorđević
Katarina Radović
Siniša Vlajković
The conversation will be conducted in English.