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BPM 2020/1: Vanishing Point – Philippe Poncet by Olivier Gadet

May 11, 6 pm
Institut français de Serbie/ Francuski institut u Srbiji
Knez Mihailova 31

Curator David Pujadó

This exhibition presents a series of photographs by French photographer Philippe Poncet (1963-2015). Philippe Poncet trained as a professional photographer and also studied philosophy under Jean-Maurice Monnoyer, a professor at the Collège de France. Winner of the Agfa European Portrait Award in 1998, his photographic work has been published by Éditions Cent Pages, Le Monde, Qantara (magazine of the Institut du Monde Arabe). His work is represented in the public collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

From the seaside to the allotments, a vague dog barks, caravans pass by. It is a question of roads and breakdowns, of running and waiting, of wooden stakes and chairs. Here we see a wasteland, then huts. In the distance one sees the borders. The horizon is fifteen kilometres away, it seems. One does not remove their eyes from it. Something escapes.

The meaning of these photographs remains discrete, as if in suspension. Snippets of stories emerge; a tone and a movement emerge: variations, preludes and fugues.

Alone he watched the sky go out, dark deepen to its full. He kept his eyes on the engulfed horizon, for he knew from experience what last throes it was capable of. And in the dark he could hear better too, he could hear the sounds the long day had kept from him, human murmurs for example, and the rain on the water.
Samuel Beckett, Mercier and Camier

The exhibition will run until 3rd June, 2021

Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation nobody can enter the Gallery without wearing a mask as required by the Rep of Serbia regulations.

BPM 2020/1: Platforms – Natan Dvir

May 25, 7 pm
Dom omladine Beograda
Makedonska 22

Platforms is a series exploring the unique New York underground architecture and the people temporarily passing through it. Subway platforms seen from the point of view of a waiting commuter on the other side, present a voyeuristic experience geometrically dissected by the architecture of the space. Visually reminiscent of photographic filmstrips, the ubiquitous subway columns organise the space into multiple narratives. One needs to scan across in order to reveal dynamics between the passersby and see the complete picture. The platform becomes a stage where actors take their temporary place until the train passes and invites the following act.

The images in this series visualise the nuances of a self-inflicted isolation in an otherwise dense and chaotic mega-city. Interactions, or lack there of, manifest themselves in body language and spatial locations of the commuters observed. Overwhelming usage of personal technological devices minimise the potential for human connection even further. Combining a voyeuristic practice with a photographic strategy taking advantage of the stations’ architectural characteristics, the series reflects detachment, separation, personal spaces, individualism, loneliness, and momentary connections in the underground niches of an urban metropolis.

With the support by the Embassy of Israel in Serbia

Visiting hours:
Tue/Sat: 12 – 21h
Sun: 12-18h

BPM 2020/1: Anachronicles 1995–2020 – Siniša Vlajković

May 20, 7 pm
Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade
Bulevar vojvode Mišića

Anachronicles 1995-2020 is a 25-year survey of the work of Serbian photo-grapher Siniša Vlajković, taking the viewer on an idiosyncratic journey of discovery and self-discovery, moving forward through space and backwards through time.
The imagery that Siniša Vlajković has been documenting for years serves as a reminder that we are the inheritors of a deadly disease: nostalgia. His work portrays a fragmenting of various cityscapes, which always contain an object from the past or the idea of the old and decaying dystopia – images of worlds that we will forget in the future. It is no mystery why the Anachronicles are searching throughout the values of our culture, sometimes even oppressing us with a constant reminder of a difficult history or high societal expectation.
From the essay The Reminiscence of an Image by independent curator Lara Pan

Exhibition by Бартcелона POP UP in collaboration with the Radisson Collection Old Mill Hotel and part of the Belgrade Photo Month Festival.

Visiting hours:
Mon/Sun: 10 – 20h

BPM 2020/1: Fashion and Passion

May 14, 7 pm
Galerija N.EON
Crnogorska 10

Curated by Dragan Pavlović

Fashion and Passion is the name of the photo exhibition which presents works from the students of the Department of Digital Art, Faculty of Media and Communications from Belgrade. As students participating in a fashion photography course and due to the specific epidemic circumstances, they were forced to make limited use of study facilities, therefore forcing them to adapt, improvise and find new ways to be creative. The presented works, in addition to genre-oriented fashion photography, thematically complement self-portraits and portraits in free form. The face and body in metaphorical and symbolic movements are a reflection of the peculiarities of the moment and time in which one lives, and, at the same time, they are a reflection of fashion attitudes and relationships.

The authors of the photographs are:
Ana Stanojević, Andrea Ašanin, Angelina Kačunković, Balša Leković, Bojana Božičić, Isidora Dimitrijević, Jasna Mijušković, Julija Radosavljević, Luka Rajković, Marija Đorđević, Mina Davidovac, Olga Tomić, Sofija Ivanović, Teodora Arsić and Viktorija Đorđević.

Visiting hours:
Mon / Sun: 17 – 21h

BPM 2020/1: Panoramic Neglect – Feđa Kiselički

May 12, 7 pm
Dorćol Platz
Dobračina 59b

A few years ago, Feđa Kiselički started channelling his creative efforts into the making of a series of mouldscapes or images of landscape-like scenery depicting the spread of mould over neglected food items in his refrigerator. According to the author, this photographic interest in the living world inside his fridge has emerged as a form of critique of reckless food-related habits which characterise (a large part of) the contemporary world. Enchanted by shapes, colours and light/shade effects of minute, almost invisible products of mould-made modelling, Feđa has photographed a micro world of this wide-spread food-related human carelesseness using a macro lense. Thus taken pictures were then substantially enlarged, as exhibited here. Feđa’s BioArt(istic) method renders human inattention simultaneously monumental in proportions and comprised of a tightly knit, unstoppable life of frolicking mycelia belonging to tiny fungi. In so doing, the author has made it rather difficult for us to ignore or leave untackled the problem of alimentary abuse. Feđa’s artistic expression has earned him a distinct place among other mould-inspired artists, such as German art photographer Klaus Pichner, whose series of still life with rotten food scraps is a criticising reminder of the fact that almost one billion people across the planet are exposed to starvation, or Elin Thomas (particularly admired by the author of this text), who crochets and sews veristic mould patterns.

Feđa works as a photographer at the City Museum of Novi Sad. He has thus far exhibited his oeuvre in 11 solo exhibitions.
Ivana Pražić Phd

The exhibition will run until 22nd May 2021.

Visiting hours:
Mon / Sun: 10 – 23h

BPM 2020/1: Those Were the Waves of the NEW WAVE – Radio Beograd 202 powered by Jugoton

May 10, 12 pm
RTS klub
Hilandarska 2

On the occasion of 40 years of New Wave, Radio Belgrade 202, in collaboration with Jugoton publishing house, are organising an exibition titled Those Were the Waves of the NEW WAVE. This movement, that pushed a total art concept, expanded our pop culture boundaries and left a deep mark on our society. In retrospect, New Wave can be regarded as a phenomenon. The release of the Paket aranžman album in the former Yugoslavia can be considered as the beginning of the New Wave movement, exactly forty years ago. The exibition will show the creation process of this significant release, with artefacts and a series of previously unpublished photographs which followed the main participants of New Wave in the ex-YU territories.

The exhibition will run until 6th June 2021

Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation nobody can enter the Gallery without wearing a mask as required by the Rep of Serbia regulations.

Visiting hours:
Mon / Fri: 11 – 17h

BPM 2020/1: Serbia – Beautiful and Blind – Aleksandar Slavković

May 9, 2 pm
Grafički kolektiv
Dragoslava Jovanovića 11

Serbia – Beautiful and Blind is a visual diary without beginning or end, about a piece of land in the Balkans and the people who live there. This documentary project explores everyday life, privileges and consequences of living in an undefined system of values. It talks about a country in transition, stuck between a turbulent past and an uncertain future, unable to distinguish between a dream and reality. In the end, this is a story about society and an individual, and their struggle to survive on the surface of a restless ocean.

Aleksandar Slavković is a 27 year old photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Serbia.
After graduation from the College of Hotel Management and a few hospitality jobs, he started to gain interest in documentary photography and visual storytelling as the best way to explore the world.
After three years as a freelance photographer, he started working for the media company Ringier Axel Springer.
In 2019 he received a scholarship from VII Academy in Sarajevo to attend the 9 months-long interdisciplinary Seminar for Narrative and Documentary Practice, together with 14 photographers from the wider Balkans region.
His work has been published in several Serbian magazines, such as NIN and Vreme and a selection of online publications.

The exhibition will run until 19tn May, 2021

Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation nobody can enter the Gallery without wearing a mask as required by the Rep of Serbia regulations.

Working hours:
Mon/Sat: 12 – 16h

BPM 2020/1: Scratch Beneath the Surface – Grebo Gray

May 9, 2 pm
Grafički kolektiv
Dragoslava Jovanovića 11

Curated by Ana Šćepanović

Greek island.
A warm June day. The four of us are alone on the beach.
I have the sea in my hair, the sun on my book, the wind between my toes, the quarry under my soles.
This day is a moment in eternity.
No photo. It is important that we are here and now.
Life is Beautiful!
We’re going back to the city tomorrow.

Passers-by everywhere. Each in its own scratched reality.
Below is the street. There is water under the street. Roots sprout from the asphalt.
The abyss scares me.
Above is a black-red sky.
Gray people live in number 36.
I am a child of the city.

Grebo Gray is a British visual artist now living and working in Belgrade, Serbia. Grebo graduated from Portsmouth Polytechnic in 1990 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting and followed that by going back to university in Brighton to obtain a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Art & Design) and teaching art in a school for a few years.
Relocating to Belgrade enabled Grebo to focus on his own artwork once more and in recent years photographic images have become an important part of his work, though he is reluctant to call himself a photographer. He uses the camera as a tool to create a visual sketchbook, capturing small details from the everyday objects that surround us but are largely ignored. These images have caught the eye of a number of musicians who have used some of the imagery on various music releases.

The exhibition will run until 19tn May, 2021

Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation nobody can enter the Gallery without wearing a mask as required by the Rep of Serbia regulations.

Working hours:
Mon/Sat: 12 – 16h

BPM 2020/1: Under the Light of the Sea – Espe Pons

May 9, 12 pm
Konak kneginje Ljubice
Sime Markovića 8, Belgrade

To look at the work of Espe Pons you have to look actively. There is no easy seduction by objects or faces, clothes or lighting. The locations appear empty. Architectural details are lost to time. The land does not have familiar landmarks. You are told the work is in memory of her grandfather’s younger brother who fought for the Republicans during the Civil War and died as a result. As a viewer, you have to fill in information and participate in the process. You are asked to remember.

Cynthia Young
Curator of the Robert Capa Archive at the
International Center of Photography, New York

Who knows if by intensifying the silence which lives in the image, one can manage to capture the screams of pain in the memory of those places. Who knows if the emotion of finding herself in these places, having carried out the research, can make the location speak, and if we can also perceive in the silent image the experience of scientific research on historical memory and at the same time aesthetic research.

Vicenç Altaió
Poet, essayist , art critic and ideas trafficker

Texts excerpts from the catalogue for the Sota la llum del mar (Under the Light of the Sea) exhibition at the Museu Palau Solterra, of the Vila Casas Foundation which took place between 18th July and 22nd November 2020).

This exhibition has been organised through the essential support of the Spanish Embassy in Serbia and the Institut Ramon Llull that supports artist mobility, by which Catalan artist Lorena Ros is able to participate in Belgrade Photo Month Festival.

The exhibition will run until 24th May, 2021

Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation nobody can enter the Gallery without wearing a mask as required by the Rep of Serbia regulations.

Visiting hours:
Tue/Thu: 10 – 17h
Fri: 10 – 18h
Sat: 10 – 14h

BPM 2020/1: Cornered – Miloš Nešić

May 8, 7 pm
Bioskop Balkan
Braće Jugovića 16, Belgrade

Cornered is a photography performance, executed in Belgrade during the longest 84 hour curfew that lasted from 17/4/2020, 5 pm to 21/4/2020, 5 am. The artist has positioned himself in a painted corner, shooting a single self-portrait every hour on the hour, during the entire period of the 84 hour lockdown. The artist was leaving the studio after every shot and kept returning on an hourly basis.
Subject of this act are time, space and abolition of free will and personal choice. The corner represents the inability to freely move while the mind is being paralyzed, thus reducing one’s mental space. The artist is explicitly leaving everything else every hour to take the self-portrait, by this he is executing the order and by cramming himself into a corner as if being punished, thus becoming obedient.
Using time in extremely limited conditions, through monotonous repetition, Miloš is transforming social obedience and suffering into a tool to create a political element in order to raise more philosophical questions. Are force and humiliation justified for the purposes of control? Are isolation and solitary universal circumstances of human beings, among others? With this fundamental exsistencial investigation, Miloš goes through an experiment that becomes universal, consequently placing each individual in the same position.

The final result is 85 photographs and a video of length 1:37:08 and ratio 4:3.

Music: Tasos Stamou ©,

The exhibition will run until 3rd June, 2021

Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation nobody can enter the Gallery without wearing a mask as required by the Rep of Serbia regulations.

Visiting hours:
Tue – Fri / 14 – 19h
Sat – Sun / 12 – 15h