BPM 2019: Dragan Babović – Flight Above Paris

April a 8PM
Atelje i galerija Čubrilo
Milenijumska kula na Gardošu
Grobljanska bb, Zemun

While photographing scenes on the streets, contemporary street
photographers approach the subject starting from the idea of perceiving the absurd, unusual and lucid life situations that, by choosing the angle and relation of the first and second plan, approach the ideas of surrealism.

The photographs of Dragan Babović are exploring exactly that line and, in addition to being photographed in Paris, they are actually illustrating the phenomenon of the city on a universal scale. The artist avoided the romantic attitude towards Paris, did not fall to the idea of a tourist photograph or the rise of the city solely by its historical toponyms.

On the other hand, Babović insisted on life stories, the
communication of passers-by, and we must mention the surrealism of everyday life in which essential moments are interesting for photography, because the street is always a place of provocative motives. But they are often the product of the intelligence of a photographer who manages to link situations that a common passer-by does not notice. When limiting the field of view is an
essential choice, it is the identity of the photographer that determines what is worthy of attention. And with the street photographs of Dragan Babović, this is precisely the key detail in defining the artistic view of Paris, but also the world around us.