BPM 2019: Relocation

April 12, 7PM
Kraljevića Marka 8, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

RELOCATION photo exhibition of FMK students

Open daily from 17 to 21h

Relocation is the topic of the exhibition, where students of the Department of Digital Arts, Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade will be presented. Students who opted for a course of conceptual photography had the task of transferring metaphorically to photographs of their previously designed stories and ideas using contextual elements-objects in strictly controlled conditions or in an urban environment.

Moving away from physical dimensions and usages, the authors tried to express their inner, intimate and “artistic” relation to objectivity and everyday. On exposed photographs, ideas are analyzed through a series of different situations, while the recognition of real objects becomes part of the metaphorical and conceptual.

The series of photographs incorporate the idea of contextual relocations of various intimate, profane and public objects from the environment, while conferring new metaphorical and conceptual meanings. While classical relations are problematized by their decomposition, the space of freedom expands the displaced view of both the author and the observer. In a completely new space-context, there are displaced structural elements and a new reality.

Curator of the exhibition prof Dragan Pavlović