BPM 2019: Vera Radošević – Eyes of Africa

April 8, 5PM
UŠĆE Shopping Center
Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 4, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia

Vera Pavlovic-Radosevic “EYES OF AFRICA”

I was fortunate to feel the beauty of life in Africa. Coming to this continent I experienced as a return to my home, myself and feeling of freedom. This feeling was embodied in Africa itself, its magnificent wilderness, primeval in its people, and the diversity of cultures in countless variations. Below all these variations, common, archetypal structures that move far into the holy past of this continent can still be identified. The holy past is visible in the joy of life, but also in the pain and suffering in the eyes of its people who are still conquered and exploited by powerful world, in the past colonial, and now neocolonial forces.

This primordial and authentic, as true values in the cultural patterns and people of Africa, unfortunately, slowly disappears into the realities of the modern world pervaded by globalization and the collision of profit.

Photos from this exhibition are just fragments, in my opinion, of another real and cultural dimension, completely foreign to a man of Western civilization.