BPM 2020/1: Panoramic Neglect – Feđa Kiselički

May 12, 7 pm
Dorćol Platz
Dobračina 59b

A few years ago, Feđa Kiselički started channelling his creative efforts into the making of a series of mouldscapes or images of landscape-like scenery depicting the spread of mould over neglected food items in his refrigerator. According to the author, this photographic interest in the living world inside his fridge has emerged as a form of critique of reckless food-related habits which characterise (a large part of) the contemporary world. Enchanted by shapes, colours and light/shade effects of minute, almost invisible products of mould-made modelling, Feđa has photographed a micro world of this wide-spread food-related human carelesseness using a macro lense. Thus taken pictures were then substantially enlarged, as exhibited here. Feđa’s BioArt(istic) method renders human inattention simultaneously monumental in proportions and comprised of a tightly knit, unstoppable life of frolicking mycelia belonging to tiny fungi. In so doing, the author has made it rather difficult for us to ignore or leave untackled the problem of alimentary abuse. Feđa’s artistic expression has earned him a distinct place among other mould-inspired artists, such as German art photographer Klaus Pichner, whose series of still life with rotten food scraps is a criticising reminder of the fact that almost one billion people across the planet are exposed to starvation, or Elin Thomas (particularly admired by the author of this text), who crochets and sews veristic mould patterns.

Feđa works as a photographer at the City Museum of Novi Sad. He has thus far exhibited his oeuvre in 11 solo exhibitions.
Ivana Pražić Phd

The exhibition will run until 22nd May 2021.

Visiting hours:
Mon / Sun: 10 – 23h