CLASH, the Images SAID – Workshop on Photobooks

Today is the first day of the “CLASH, the Images SAID” workshop on Photobooks, 30th March 2018 at 16h, in EU info centre, Kralja Milana 7

TUTOR: Valentina Abenavoli

Valentina Abenavoli is an Italian editor and designer, currently based in Istanbul.
After a degree in photography, a master in book publishing and several odd jobs, in 2012 she founded Akina, together with Alex Bocchetto. Their independent publishing house collaborates with emerging and established photographers, editing and producing challenging photobooks in limited editions, often handmade. In 2016 she published her first photobook as author titled “Anaesthesia”, followed by “The Harvest”, the second chapter of an unfinished trilogy around the subjects of empathy and evil. She participated in several group and solo exhibitions. On a side, she works freelance as editor and book designer.


CLASH, THE IMAGES SAID is a 3 days long discussion on visual narrative in photobooks. The practise of reading a photobook, which is usually an intimate and meditative moment, assumes a different perspective, if it happens within a group of people. In this workshop we will analyse all together the reasons why photobooks are chosen as preferred medium by more and more photographers nowadays, as well as we will discover ambiguities and clashes that happen when several images are put in a sequence.

From the everlasting classics to more experimental ones, photobooks have the perk of opening a very wide space for imagination and narrative.
The workshop will dissect some case studies, in order to understand the structure of a visual work. Trials and exercises on editing and sequencing, performed collectively, will be the main focus of the workshop, which will give some inputs for the attendees to re-imagine their own projects in a book form.

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Event financially supported by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia and EU info centre.