Mr. Zuper and 1.000 pieds sous terre by Sylvain Granjon

Opening: Monday, April 4th 2016 19:00PM
Бартcелона koncept, Chumich Design District

From April 4th till 16th

Mr. Zuper is a “Frenchie” superhero, strong, handsome and intelligent—at least, he thinks so! But in his daily life he faces some serious existential questions: he’s only 4 inches tall and he doesn’t have any superpowers, or friends! To overcome his dull existence, Mr. Zuper embraces creativity to lead a life filled with extraordinary adventures.

Through Mr. Zuper, Sylvain Granjon evokes our common desire to become someone else, to leave behind the beaten path for a better life

1000 pieds sous terre:
« Real life is under the ground”

48 people take the Subway every second in Paris. In other words 4,1 million passengers pass in transit in the Parisian subway every day.

This exhibition will be part of Belgrade Photo Month

Sponsored by
Cervesa Espiga
Institut français de Serbie