BPM 2019: 50 PIŠEM, 202 Pamtim! Photo-history of „Radio Belgrade 202”

April 15, 6PM
Biblioteka grada Beograda
Knez Mihailova 56, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

“Radio Belgrade 202 – Half a Century On Top (Tito couldn’t do better!)”

On the occasion of fifty years of Radio Belgrade 202, we present some interesting moments and people, whose photos evoke the history of the radio station that is so different from the others.

On June 27th, 1969, Radio “Twohundredtwo” went on air for the first time. From that day, the station has been recognisable by its cult radio show, broadcasting, playing the best music, its prominent hosts, themes suitable for people of all ages and its constant interaction with listeners.

Radio Belgrade 202 is the first radio station which went out of the studio and made live coverage in the field, often in unusual places (on planes, trams, caves, Ada Ciganlia, stadiums, concert halls, etc.). It has grown into the only radio station which broadcasts continuously the best concerts of leading local and foreign bands and organises performances by the greatest and the most promising local musicians. “Radio for listening and watching”, the old motto from the time of the first programmes out of the studio, today
gets a new dimension through photographic and video content on social networks and the RTS Planeta platform.

The exhibited photographs represent fragments from the first 50 years of Radio Belgrade 202 and reveal the essence of the station. Along with archived Radio Balgrade photos we are presenting the collection of photos by Marina Pesic “Signed out of time”, who impeccably combines the Radio Belgrade 202 program and rock photography.

Exhibition will finish on 30/4/2019