BPM 2019: Akademija Umetnosti Beograd – Cyanotype

April 15, 7PM
Bartcelona Gallery
Čumićeva, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

In December 2018, in the photography and camera department at the Academy of Arts, a workshop was held on the 19th century photographic cyanotype process. Uglješa Dapčević, a graduate cinematographer and expert on traditional photographic procedures, led the workshop. A dozen students, along with one professor and two associates, studied the process of cyanotype and produced about fifty photographs using this technique. Photos created by the cyanotype technique are specific in their indigo blue colour, which varies from intense dark, almost black-and-blue colours to
gentle pastel blue tones created by potassium and iron. The beauty of this procedure is not only in the incredible blue colour achieved, but also in the simplicity of the process.

Students applied knowledge gained from the workshop to their own
photographic projects, especially adapted to this photographic technique.

Each of the exhibited series is a unique combination of their artistic
aspirations and topics they explore, as well as the specificities of the
cyanotype technique.

The exhibition will include works by: Marina Ilić, Matej Milenković, Katarina Ćuk, Lazar Vučković, Miloš Golubović, Marina Čabarkapa, Teodora Tomić, Tamara Antonović, Matija Munjiza Petrović and Miodrag Trajković.

The organiser of the workshop and curator of the exhibition is associate professor Ivana Tomanović.