Don Quijote

BPM 2020/1: Don Quijote – Katarina Marčetić

April 23. 7pm
Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade
Bulevar vojvode Mišića, Beograd
“In her series of photographs Don Quixote, Katarina Marčetić, through a documentary lens, captures the backstage space at the National Theater in Belgrade during the vivid performance of the famed ballet.
Delicate and subtle, these photographs convey their beauty through the multiplicity of prominent contrasting relationships, both formally through their elegant execution, and through the illustrative narrative they reveal.
The specificity of these relationships arises from the opposition of light and shadow, movement versus rest, the juxtaposition of symbolically opposite motifs such is performance (theatre) to real life, and finally, the illusion to reality. The all-encompassing mobility of silhouettes and figures seems to constantly strive to break through to the other side, regardless of whether it is a matter of scenery or reality.
Before us, Katarina Marčetić’s photographs reveal very vivid, compelling, almost phantasmal representations between truth and illusion.
They show a dynamic ambience imbued with dream-like qualities, while maintaining stability grounded in reality through documentary photography.”
Tijana Savatić
Exhibition by Бартcелона POP UP in collaboration with the Radisson Collection Old Mill Hotel and part of the Belgrade Photo Month Festival and With the support by the Embajada de España en Serbia
The exhibition will run until 18tn May, 2021.