BPM 2019: Mandić, Kukić, Peternek – Dimensions

April 11, 8PM
Dorćol Platz
Dobračina 59b, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Photo collective “3 Lenses”

Informal photo collective “3 Lenses” has existed for over 4 years. During this time the project “Travels” has been exhibited in 24 locations throughout Serbia.
“Dimensions” is a new exhibit, created specifically for Belgrade Photo Month. The focus of this project is the observation and questioning of reality, time and persistence.
This project consists of chosen photographs from the 1960’s until the present time, divided into three independent chapters, each curated by individual authors.

Tomislav Peternek is presenting part of his collection: “World of Imagination”, which was presented for the first time in Belgrade in 1972, during “Salon fotografije”.
The author used black and white film, to derive colour photos, separating specific shades of grey, and by doing so, he abstracts already abstract reality.

Goran Kukić is impressed by traces of time found in grooved stone boulders. Time shapes everything.

Igor Mandic is presenting a part of his collection “Pinpointed” which
sheds light on the weight and gravitational pull of non-material, distorted projection of real shape in its own shadow… with a goal of provoking the questioning of perception of reality.