BPM 2020/1: From the photo cycle Calm Night – Marija Ćalić

May 8, 6 pm
Kuća Legata / Heritage House
Knez Mihailova 46, Belgrade

The foundation for the series Calm Night comes from the writings of Samuel Beckett, renowned for revealing the dark truths of human beings through the structure of sentence, rhythm and voice, as well as the scene settings. Through descriptions of the modern world and the individual, he emphasises the absurdity of general existence. This was the reason for my photographs to provide a transformative dimension, where that visible world turns into a realm that exists around us, but is invisible at first glance. Nature is transformed into a threat, spaces are not what they are intended for and they are not visited by those who are to be expected. The possibility of creating such images through his text and language were the inspiration for my photographic-collage procedures. The photographs are built as images of both a visible and imagined world. They are the parts of a wider cycle that is emerging and whose outcome cannot be predicted.

Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation nobody can enter the Gallery without wearing a mask as required by the Rep of Serbia regulations.

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