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ZAVOD – Film program

During Belgrade Photo Month ZAVOD is proud to present April Cinema Program, every Wednesday from 06.04 to 27.04. 2016.god.

Wednesday 6.4.
“Blowup” – Michelangelo Antonioni, 1966, USA 1h51min

Wednesday 13.4.
“Čovek sa Četiri Noge” – Radivoje ‘Lola’ Đukic, 1983, Jugoslavija, 96 min

Wednesday 20.4.
“City of God” – Fernando Meirelles, Kátia Lund, 2002, USA, 2h10min

Wednesday 27.4.
“Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus” – Steven Shainberg, 2006, 122min

Mr. Zuper and 1.000 pieds sous terre by Sylvain Granjon

Opening: Monday, April 4th 2016 19:00PM
Бартcелона koncept, Chumich Design District

From April 4th till 16th

Mr. Zuper is a “Frenchie” superhero, strong, handsome and intelligent—at least, he thinks so! But in his daily life he faces some serious existential questions: he’s only 4 inches tall and he doesn’t have any superpowers, or friends! To overcome his dull existence, Mr. Zuper embraces creativity to lead a life filled with extraordinary adventures.

Through Mr. Zuper, Sylvain Granjon evokes our common desire to become someone else, to leave behind the beaten path for a better life

1000 pieds sous terre:
« Real life is under the ground”

48 people take the Subway every second in Paris. In other words 4,1 million passengers pass in transit in the Parisian subway every day.

This exhibition will be part of Belgrade Photo Month

Sponsored by
Cervesa Espiga
Institut français de Serbie

Civitate – Ritual intervention

Branimir Karanović with Kamerades

Opening: Thursday, March 31st, 7:15 PM
O3ONE Art Space, Uzun Mirkova 10

From March 31st till April 6th

In ritual organization of Serbia’s public life presidential and parliamentary elections hold a very important position. Before they are supposed to be held the whole country stops. Only thing that remains active is the marketing machinery which tries to affect the voters with flashy images and seducing slogans.

Elections in Serbia come down to precisely recording the current trends of voter’s vassalage, and who of the available lords will they decide to adhere to. Cult of personality and patrimonialism are constants of Serbia’s political life and were not in any way endangered by the transition from a single-party to a multi-party system. The only thing that has changed is the number of those who appoint themselves as leaders and pose for political posters and billboards. Branimir Karanovic has been following the multiplication and spreading of their portraits across the public space from the very beginning of parliamentarism in Serbia one election at a time. In his photographs he is at the same time portraying them as something that is polluting the environment and as an object of permanent display of civil disobedience.

Citizens are always provoked to intervene on those portraits in some way, and their interventions often border culture jamming as an art form that is worth recording. Results of those interventions are simultaneously representing an index of direct communication between citizens and politicians, iconic display of the way that the face of a political leader is treated in the imagination of Serbia’s citizens, and the symbol of a fight against the fact that democracy has come down to ads, posters and billboards. Karanovic and the Kamerades collective have independently recorded these interventions and are bringing them together for the first time in this exhibition, by doing so they have stood by all those who were not eaten by viruses of servitude and auto-censorship.

Belgrade Photo Month in Fotosinteza

From April 1st till 30th

As a part of the Belgrade Photo Month, Fotosinteza will offer the following program:

1. Photo Nostalgia

─ Collecting photos found in family collections or elsewhere, on various media (slides, negatives, prints, glass plates and other media) from private archives.
─ We will be collecting the material every Friday from 4 pm to 6 pm during the festival at Fotosinteza.
─ Digitization of the part of the collected material without any further processing.
─ The projection of digitized photographs and discussion about the importance of preserving photo collections, both in terms of conservation and digitization as well as in collecting information about the media, will be held on Saturday, April 30 at 5 pm at Fotosinteza within the photo nostalgia soirée.

2. Matchbox pinhole

This is a workshop on how to make handmade cameras from matchboxes ─ small appliances with great performances. We will show many ways to use it. The participants can bring used cameras for dismantling and rewinding of the film at any time to Fotosinteza. Every participant will receive a film (about 48 exposures) and other material needed for making the camera. Developing and scanning can be done individually, or it can be done as an additional service by Fotosinteza ─ costs would be RSD 500 per film.
Entry fee is RSD 1000 per participant.

You may pay the enty fee by Friday, April 22 2016. The workshop will be held on Saturday, April 23 2016 at 3pm.
The number of participants at the workshop is limited.
Tutor: Andrej Filev, photographer.
Phone number (for reservation): 069 30 50 758

*Fotosinteza is a social club for people of all ages who enjoy and respect art and like to socialize.
Address: 1 Maršala Birjuzova Street, 5th floor.

Beo_Project | Ana Adamović | THE BEACH

Opening: Thursday, April 7th 2016 7PM
Beo_Project Museum/Art Gallery

From April 7th till 28th

Beo_Project during the Belgrade Photo Month is glad to present Ana Adamović with the project THE BEACH, from 7th to 28th of April.

THE BEACH, slide projection
Photographs from the series The Beach were created in the last six years. They follow one and the same beach in Montenegro, summer in, summer out, from 2009 till 2015. The exhibition in Beo_Project is the first presentation of this body of work.

Ana Adamović is dealing with issues of identity and memory, both personal and collective by working on the long-term photography and video projects. Since 1999 her work was exhibited on numerous solo and group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad, most recently in the Museum of Yugoslav History in Belgrade, Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka, Museum of Photography in Braunschweig.
She is founder of Belgrade based Kiosk-platform for Contemporary Art.
Lives and works in Belgrade.

New Talents 2016 – Winners exhibition

Alison Moris, Jakub Ochnio and Teodora Ivkov

Opening: Friday, April 1st 2016 7PM
Galerija Eurocentar, Makedonska 30

From April 1st till 14th

Belgrade Photo Month was born in October 2014. The idea was to make a connexion between different exhibition spaces in Belgrade, New Belgrade & Zemun; to create an explosion of creativity through the light ─ exhibitions, workshops, lectures, movies, presentations and analogue photography equipment market; to show the world what is going on in Serbia and to show people in Serbia what photographers from abroad are doing; to try to put Photography, like Art, at the right place where it deserves to be.

While we were developing the idea, we realized that an event like this deserves something more that will give it an international vocation that it is supposed to have. We decided to create a Photo Concurs for photographers under the age of 25 ─ New Talents 2016. International Photo Competition. We shared the information online and sent it to Photography or Art Schools all around the world.

We have chosen a jury composed of 5 members: Slobodan Sarić, photographer, Ivana Tomanović from Serbia, Sali Sallini from Turkey, Laure Maugeais from France and Carlota Loveart+ from Spain.

We have received 161 proposals, out of which 119 were complete and in accordance with the Open Call rules. We got 44%of proposals from male candidates and 46% from the female ones. The proposals came from 25 different countries and 4 continents. 44% of proposals were from Serbia.

The youngest one to send in an application was a 12 year old Serbian girl Isidora Dincic. Thanks!!!

Probably just that justifies all the work that the organizers have done.

Finally, the jury selected the best 10 projects and in the end the best 3… and so, here we have the exhibition. In alphabetic order: Allison Morris, Jakub Ochnio and Teodora Ivkov.

Next year, we will have some more surprises.

Translation by Ana Stijelja

Tomislav Peternek Retrospective

Opening: Thursday, March 31 at 7 PM
Paviljon Cvijeta Zuzorić

From March 31st to April 23rd

By the mid-fifties of the 20th century, social realism had slowly begun to disappear from the social and cultural scene. A new, young generation of photographers appeared, formed under the influence of the famous Henry Cartier-Bresson, his agency “Magnum”, and the “Family of Man” exhibition curated by Edward Steichen, which was exhibited in the “Cvijeta Zuzorić Art Pavillion” in 1957. They focused their small-format cameras on people, everyday things and situations. Simultaneously, but each in his own way, they reshaped the identity of photojournalism. Following their emergence, photography ceased to be a simple illustration of a text, or an image of the most important personages of the political and cultural scene, and elevated itself into gallery-worthy artwork.

Among them, the foremost place belongs to Tomislav Peternek, one of the first photographers to bring artistic value to photojournalism. He is also the first photographer to turn his camera on both the important political events, and the far more important everyday life with its ups and downs, annonymous heroes, virtues and flaws. All of his photographs and reportage series are candid and depict the most important events and personages that have defined the history of the former Yugoslavia: the student protests of 1968, the earthquake in Skopje, flooding in Zagreb, the fashion creations of the legendary Aleksandar Joksimović, wars and destruction, but also children, individuals, fans at a basketball game, exhibition visitors, circus performers.

Tomislav Peternek is stil active, creating images that celebrate life, while at the same time allowing new technologies and some different themes and genres, such as nudes, to become a part of his immense body of work. The majority of the photographs shown in this exhibition constitute both historical and subjective documents. His direct approach, his specific feeling for the rhetoric of life, for fleeting moments and situations, with a dose of humor and symbolism, has given these images a timeless, iconic status in the history of photography, art and culture of this country.

Jelena Matić
Curator Jelena Matic
Translation by Tamara Markovic

“Revertimini (Volveos)” exhibition opening

Although Belgrade Photo Month has not officially started, the first exhibition that is part of our festival is opened tonight at the Institute “Cervantes” in Belgrade: “Revertimini (Volveos)” by Jordi Plana Pey inspired by the work of Ramón Lull.

The exhibition will be open to visitors until the end of April.

For more information, follow this link