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Photo’n’paper market

Photo’n’paper market will be held in April.

Open Call

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Video by Miloš Tomić • Music by Slobodan Djukić aka Jimi Triple B

What is Belgrade Photo Month

Our mission is to give visibility to Serbian photographers and photography itself. To show Serbia, the Balkans and the world what is happening in Belgrade, one of the most exciting cities in Europe. To show Serbia what is happening in the world by bringing international photographers to the city and organizing accompanying events during 33 days – from March 29th to April 30th 2018, the 3rd edition of the annual event.

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What others say about Belgrade Photo Month

I thoroughly enjoyed attending and exhibiting my work in this year's Belgrade Photo Month, a festival which although is at its early stages, it is extremely well organized. Belgrade is currently going through an exciting cultural boom so it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to get to know the photo community here. I look forward to coming back in the near future. Rubén Salgado Escudero - Photographer -
What Belgrade photo month makes so seductive is dynamism of the program. Dynamism not because of the relevant art content and diverse artists and poetics that the festival promotes, but also because of the usage of so many city gallery spaces, which directly activates people and brings city to life. Belgrade deserved long time ago, to, with quality projects like this one, get closer to other European capitals. By supporting this project we are not supporting only David and the team of the festival, we are supporting the idea that the world should be part of the Belgrade, and Belgrade part of the world. Deyan Clement - Photographer -
Finally, Belgrade is part of the EU. Nowadays, a country that wishes to be considered with respect and be powerful on the international level has to have a PHOTO FESTIVAL. This year is the second edition of the Belgrade Photo Festival. Second edition…. a toddler of a festival. But. Let us have a look at the program. Around fifty (50,00) exhibitions. Workshops. Conferences, lectures, talks. A photo market. Plus projection of movies such as Alice in the Cities, Persona, Z, and of course Blow up and Profession Reporter. Impossible to quote all of the many exhibitions, conferences, etc… because there is around a hundred (100,00) events related to photography during the time of the festival, one month, April. Check the catalogue, because there is a catalogue. A real one, with pages. Klavdij Sluban – Fotograf –
For such a city in the Balkans, to have a photo-festival of this kind is very important for its cultural scene with a huge tradition in arts. The program brings a very wide choice of proposals and paths in several art spaces, this is also a great opportunity for those who want to discover (again) the city. Belgrade photo month is also an opportunity to meet really great people, curators, artists of course, but also the public always keen to discover more. As Art Director of the Quinzaine SHOOT! in Chamonix, I would love to make the jumelage between the cities become reality. Laure Maugeais - Photographer & Art Director -
Although I participated as an exhibitor in the Belgrade Photo Month, I must point out that the real significance of this manifestation is felt as a photographer and follower of cultural events. It is truly a fantastic feeling when for one month at every step you can see photography exhibitions, follow workshops and lectures, or review portfolios! However, what is especially important is that many of these developments represent a new and different approach to photography, offering new ways of viewing a photo and inspiring photographers to take more inventive approaches to their work. Because of this, but also because of the wonderful gatherings throughout the festival that create opportunities to meet like-minded photography enthusiasts and the professionals who deal with it, I think that the Belgrade Photo Month is one of the most beautiful things that has happened to the Belgrade photography scene, and furthermore the city’s cultural scene. Aleksandra Lekovic - Photographer
I have participated in the first two editions of Belgrade Photomonth with “What’s this Book” (2016), “Uncensored Books” (2017), and “H.said he loved us” (2017), three curatorial projects related to photography and photobooks. In this sense, I have seen the Festival since its birth and very first steps. Belgrade Photo Month has had a decisive impact on the cultural life of Belgrade. More to this, it is a Festival with a challenging program open to new formats and means of expressions. It works as platform for all of us, photographers and professionals from all over the world, to develop contents. But most importantly, it provides us with the opportunity to reach new audiences outside the confinements of the established international photography scene and a thriving community of photographers that has a lot to contribute to the photography scene both in Belgrade and abroad. Natasha Christia – Curator –
In today's world, when "photography matters as art as never before" (M. Fried, 2008), a photo festival is an essential event for any modern city striving to make a name for itself on the global map of cultural centers. David Pujadó, with his team of dedicated and passionate photography aficionados, are alchemists, who have managed to create, maintain and grow Belgrade Photo Month, with modest resources, into a superb festival of international caliber. I have no doubts that the next edition will raise the bar even higher. Siniša Vlajković - fotograf i nezavisni kustos -

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