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What is Belgrade Photo Month

Our mission is to give visibility to Serbian photographers and photography itself. To show Serbia, the Balkans and the world what is happening in Belgrade, one of the most exciting cities in Europe. To show Serbia what is happening in the world by bringing international photographers to the city and organizing accompanying events during 30 days – from April 1st to 30th 2016, the 1st edition of the annual event.

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What photographers say about Belgrade Photo Month

Need for the manifestation like this is a cultural raising of urban society, which is in Serbia on a low level of visual and art awareness, all because photography, as the richest art discipline of 21 th century, is almost invisible in the context of art in schools, and not to mention its value in terms of the national treasure! Djordje Odanovic - professor at the Academy of Arts, Novi Sad
Belgrade is still one of the most exciting destinations at the Balkan region, no matter of decade crisis that slow down the development of Belgrade. Specific energy of this city attracts people from all over the world although the touristic potential is not used as it can be. Great part in that has the specific culture and art scene. Ivana Tomanović mr - vanredni profesor AUNS i izvršni urednik časopisa ReFoto
Organizing the photo workshops gives a chance for an exchange of experiences, cooperation among the young photographers and an opportunity to learn something new and to experiment using the old techniques in a new and creative way. Nebojša Babić - photographer, director of O3one gallery, member of ULUPUDS, USUF, PPof-E i SAM
The idea of David Pujado to organize the Belgrade Photo Month seemed almost impossible for the local conditions. However, he devoted himself to this job consistently and systematic, and already getting more and more supporters for this idea. Personally I will gladly support the team which prepares Belgrade Photo Month and I hope that a number of institutions will include and help to organize and realize this festival of photography in our city. Doc mr Dragan Pavlović - fotograf, član ULUPUDSa i predavač na Fakultetu za medije i komunikacije Univerziteta Singidunum

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